Opening Day Kentucky Buck

A friend I recently made at an Outdoor Expo had an opening day to remember, filling his tag just after daylight. Here’s J.B. Coffey’s Opening Day Kentucky Buck story.

“After months of plowing, planting, scouting, and checking trail cameras my hard work paid off on opening day of bow season in Southeastern Kentucky.”

“It was the night before open morning and I found myself looking through pictures of a huge brute of an eight point buck that had found a home in my food plot for the last month.  Needless to say, I had a hard time sleeping due to the play by-play running through my head of how the next morning was going to unfold. These thoughts remained in my mind while I was suiting up for my morning hunt.  All I could do was hope and pray that all my preparation would pay off.

Coffey Buck Trail CamOnce I made it to my stand I settled in and enjoyed the sounds of the hoot owls surrounding me. After about an hour of patiently waiting I began hearing twigs break underneath me.  Just so happens it was just a common gray squirrel, figures. I then began scanning the outline of my food plot and noticed a slick head munching down, making her way towards the middle of my food plot. While watching her feed that gray squirrel was still going at it under me.  However, this time it wasn’t my squirrel friend that was making all of this racket it was the eight point buck that made himself famous in my food plot. Slowly he began making his way towards the doe and I started making my way out of my seat. At about twenty-five yards he slowed down, I drew back and placed my pin just behind his right shoulder. Took a slow breath in to calm my racing heart and hit my release. Smack! That Black Eagle carnivore Drilled him, causing him to leave in a frenzy.

    I gave myself a few seconds to realize what had just happened and rushed down from my stand as fast as I possibly could to pick up his blood trail. Thankfully his blood trail was easy to find and led me right to where he had dropped. This moment made all of my hard work in the pre-season worth it. I now had the buck that had stalked my plot as well as my dreams. What a great way to start the season!”Coffee Buck

Way to go J.B. I know that’s one hunt you will never forget, thanks for sharing.

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