Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo

The Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo

Ohio Deer and Turkey expo

As most of you may well know it’s expo season. Last year about this time I attended my first one the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo and I had just started my company Frenzy Outdoors. At this event I met some really great people and got the ball rolling on making my mark in the hunting industry. Some of these people have turned into good friends and others empty promises. I’m sure it’s that way in all industries and it is just part of learning and growing as we go. I try to not get to excited about promises made by

Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo

 others, I just keep plugging along doing my own thing and hopefully making a few friends along the way. There is no doubt in my mind if I keep doing the things I’m doing, sharing my love and knowledge of the outdoors, and networking like crazy on every social platform I will make my mark. I will live my dreams the question is when not if!

“You can too, start a blog put yourself out there or just go home sit on the couch and continue to let your dreams and life pass you by.”

 Here’s a Video I made from the Ohio Deer and Turkey Expo.


What do you think? Keep in mind it was my first video ever and I used windows movie maker.


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