Going Viral

Going viral is part of what I try to do with my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and my blog each day. I work very hard scouring the web for the best content and creating some myself.

So “why am I doing this” you ask?

Going Viral

Going viral is the ultimate proof that the content I’m providing to you (my audience) is great stuff and it’s the fastest way to grow a brand organically.

When I started Frenzy Outdoors almost 2 years ago I set out to build a brand and grow my fan base organically, meaning to not spend a lot of money$. It has been a major learning experience and it’s going very well. I’ve met so many great people and the sky’s the limit as Frenzy continues to grow. I plan to share with you all my accomplishments and failures, as I follow my dream of making a living doing what I love.

I know that some might look at these numbers and say “that’s nothing” but for a man who didn’t even know how to tweet, make a Facebook page, or what the heck a blog even was two years ago I’m pretty proud of them.

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Going Viral on Twitter

My most recent post on twitter is going viral, receiving a number of retweets thanks to Tiffany Lakosky @TheCrushTV from the TV show The Crush of course.


This Monster buck unfortunately turned out to be a high fence deer but not before going viral, he got plenty of love on Facebook and Twitter.


“The  Cabin”

Wildly shared across the internet now this picture could be the poster child for going viral, I was one of the first ones to see the potential of this amazing shot.


With 2,360 “Likes” 174 “comments” and 83 “shares” this post organically reached 13,984 Facebook users for my page which only had a few hundred likes at the time.

“Welcome to Kentucky Obama”

I try to stay out of the political arena but I knew this one would strike a cord with my audience and it definitely did.


Going viral with 45 “Likes” 16 “Comments” and 137 “Shares” organically reaching 11,717 Facebook users at this time I think my page still had less than a 1000 likes.


“No Wi-Fi”

Another wildly shared post but I got in on the action early and it did pretty well.


Going viral with 45 “Likes” and 161 “Shares” this post organically reached my biggest audience yet 18,484.



“Ready for deer season?”

I put this post together at just the right time as deer season was just about to kick off and anticipation was high.

It took off like wildfire going viral with 273 “Shares” and reached 23,952 users.

“The Viral Ohio Buck”

Possibly the biggest buck I’ve come across this season. I found this buck pretty early on and the numbers showed it.

Going viral with a total of 1,628 likes and 228 shares this post reached 21,576 big buck loving Facebook users.

“Bone Chilling”

MY best Instagram post to date, it was pretty simple I thought the ice hanging off the racks looked cool, so I shared it and many others thought it was cool as well.

I shared this one just to show the cool things you can do on Google+ definitely nothing viral about this one.

To close I’d like to thank you for reading my blog and for following Frenzy Outdoors. I promise to continue to “Feed Your Frenzy” and hopefully create some more viral posts for you to enjoy.

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