Big Bluegrass Bucks

Big Bluegrass Bucks

One of my favorite things to do is to search the web for the biggest bucks killed in my home state of Kentucky as well as around the country. I guess it’s kind of like going to the check station after the morning hunt to see what everyone else has killed, only now we do it online.
With the Kentucky season starting in early September each year I’m usually treated to several big velvet buck pictures. I will use this blog post to add pictures as I find them and I’ll share details as I learn them. Be sure to check back because I will add them all year-long to this post.

Lewis County Monster

This one is a monster out of Lewis County. Killed by Nathan Conley opening weekend of Kentucky’s 2014 bow season. They have tons of history with this buck and I look forward to sharing the full story as I learn the details.

Lewis County Buck 2014




 Mr. Jones

This next buck is one that the guys from HeartLand Heritage TV have been after. They nicknamed him Mr. Jones and they closed the deal on opening weekend of bow season as well. I believe they are I’m the northern Kentucky area but I’ll have to check and be sure.




Here’s a story I pulled from Kentucky Hunting Net

Justin Morris’s Franklin County 10 point

“Well…that was a short season. Second time in 10 years I have tagged my buck on 2nd day of the season. I hadn’t planned on shooting anything last night but when this guy came in there was no doubt in my mind he was getting the rage to the cage. 5.5 years old ( fairly sure based on last years trail cam pics) and dressed over 200lbs. Scored at taxidermist this morning 146 on the nose. If not for the weak brows he would have hit the 150 mark. Tickled to death with him. 25 yard recovery on a quartering away shot. Went in behind last rib, took out the top of the heart and sliced his trachea in half. Got in the stand at 3:30 and he rolled into the food plat at 6pm. Had deer and turkey all over me till that point. Now its time to work on getting my 10 year old a nice one. His goal is 140 plus so I have my work cut out for me but very happy he’s thinking that way ūüôā ”


Tim Young’s Giant Velvet Buck

Quote from Tim’s Facebook page.

“OK here he is !!! The “Kentucky Curse” is over in a big way. This trip started out with high anticipation then went down hill in a hurry. At one point I was ready to give up and come home!! Thank God I didn’t. What a story. everyone says things happen for a reason………. I stuck it out pushed through the lows and killed a 195 5/8″ giant !!!!!!”

Tim Young buck 2

Buck: 195-inch Full Velvet Typical
Time of Year: Sept. 9, 2014
Place: Christian County, Kentucky
Weapon: Hoyt Carbon Spyder

Tim Young buck

Tim’s full story is here on Realtree’s Rack Reprot !


“The Joker”

¬†Heath Buchanan¬†from Milton Kentucky with what might be the freakiest buck you’ll ever see!

Heath's Buck

“After 5 years iv finally killed joker!!!”
Heath's Buck side view

¬†Anthony L Carrier‘s Mercer County Big 9 point!

 Anthony Carrier's Buck
“Been watching the deer on camera for the past 2 months never thought I would get a chance at him”.
Passing up some nice bucks this year Anthony waited out this big boy with 16 inch two’s, green scoring¬†168 5/8 in velvet. This is about as big as they come in the main frame 8 world.

Justin Mooney Webster County Non-Typical

Webster County Kentucky  Huge Non-TypicalIMG_7327.JPG

This buck was taken in Webster County Kentucky by Justin Mooney and green scored 234!

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