ATA 2014 – Top 5 Most Memorable Moments

ATA 2014 Top 5 Most Memorable Moments

ATA 2014 – Top 5 Most Memorable Moments

Narrowing my 2014 ATA trip down to my Top 5 Most Memorable Moments is a pretty tough task. This years Archery Trade Association Show was in Nashville, Tennessee not a bad place to be, especially if you’re a country music fan like me. I went with some good friends of mine to help video and scout for the best new archery products coming out in 2014.

This was my second ATA show and I plan to go every year from here on out. I wrote about my first ATA show and before you read this post you should check it out so that you can understand my entire experience.

Click the link to read about my first ATA show >>—–> The 2013 Archery Trade Show 

My favorite quote from that blog was….

 I didn’t feel like a rookie among superstars, but like a hunter among hunters.

and that was true once again.


ATA 2014 – Top 5 Most Memorable Moments 


Frenzy Melissa Bachman

In my opinion this girl is the Lara Croft of the hunting industry the real deal.  She runs her own show, she hunts, films, edits all her own stuff, and she gets it done killing some unbelievable animals.  I talked with her about her recent troubles with the antis, that will be a whole nother blog post and you won’t believe the things she had to deal with. She was a super nice chick and we had a great conversation for about 20 minutes as she signed autographs at the HHA Booth.


If you have never been to an ATA show you really can’t understand that you literally see every hunter from TV over and over, in passing or at a booth it’s unbelievable. Most of the big guys will hide out in some of the closed areas of their sponsors so they don’t have to be bothered by people 24/7 and you can’t blame them. That’s what was so surprising about what happened to my partner Chris Larsen and I one day at lunch.  We had just sat down to eat when I looked up to see this guy talking on his cell phone.Michael Waddell

I thought to myself, that’s pretty cool Michael’s just trying to find a spot to chat on the phone and is probably hoping he can get the call in without someone asking for a picture. The next thing I knew everyone at our table except the cool guy on his Ipad got up and left, and about that time Michael and the entire Bone Collector crew sat down with us. This is the point were you try to play it cool but you’re screaming on the inside like a teenage school girl at a Justin Bieber concert, don’t worry I stayed calm.

We talked about the big National Championship game from the night before. Then Michael told a story about his nine-year old’s hunt were his son said he was only going to shoot a big buck and when the first doe stepped out he was like “Daddy, I want to shot it, daddy, I want to shoot it!” A story anyone who has taken a kid hunting or remembers their early days of hunting can relate to. What was so cool about this experience was the fact that those guys could have sat in a closed room and eaten a free meal from any company in the place but they didn’t. They sat at the lunch tables just like everyone else and we carried on a conversation that you could have at any lunch table. They were just real down to earth guys just like you and me.


Fred and Michelle Eichler

Michelle showed me a picture of a couple of awesome animals she took this year. She said it was one of her best seasons ever. I told them how much I’ve enjoyed their shows over the years. Both of them have been on one of my favorite outdoor podcast The Hunt Fish Journal click the link to listen to Fred’s interview it’s a great episode. Fred gave me his card and said to let him know if I ever need anything, what a great outdoor couple.


scott and angie denny the life at table mountain outfitters

It’s somewhat of a running joke, but people say that most of the business gets done after hours not at the show. On this trip I tried to spend more time in the hotel bar because that’s a great place to meet people who otherwise I may never get the chance to meet. One night I met Angie and Scott Denny from The Life At Table Mountain. Their show tells the story of America’s most successful outfitter, Table Mountain outfitter. Owned and operated by Scott and Angie, Table Mountain outfitter guides over 200 hunters to big game success each year. We chatted for some time and I look forward to running into them again down the road.


  • Seeing And Meeting My Online Friends

I’m going to cheat a bit for my last ATA 2014 – Top 5 Most Memorable Moment and lump this group all together, but don’t think they are insignificant. To be honest, these are my favorite Most Memorable Moments because unlike the first four I can continue these relationships on a daily basis online.

Mark Huelsing from Sole Adventures great to finally meet him, I really admire his work. I felt like I already knew him and we had a great conversation as I tried out the new Elite Energy.






Aaron Farley from RusticMan. He told me how he wasn’t raised up hunting, he started later in life. So he’s blogging to try to teach guys like him what he wished someone would have taught him. I look forward to seeing his blog grow and keeping in touch.



Josh Honeycutt his website is  he’s a freelance writer and a Kentucky boy like me. I have a feeling we will be great friends.





JD Nebola a Pro Staffer with Hudalla from Iowa. We hit it off and talked for hours about deer, turkey hunting, and life. think I made a new BFF, what a great guy. 



Randy Hynes from 365 Whitetail, I had met him once before, but on this trip I was able to spend some great time and fellowship as we met up in E-town and rode down together.  Randy had the coolest product at the show The Padcaster this thing could change the game for show coverage.

Randy Hynes

Randy is as good as it gets and after all the great things that happened on this amazing trip my favorite was when Randy dropped me off back at my truck, he asked if he could pray for me. I said “absolutely” and he recited the most eloquent prayer for me that I have ever heard. I was truly blessed to spend time with him.

 There were so many more stories from this trip, I couldn’t possibly write about them all. I love to meet other passionate outdoorsmen and this years ATA show didn’t disappoint. If you enjoyed this blog please leave a comment, and introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you as well and who knows I might run into you at next years show.

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