Mountain Lion Killed in Bourbon County Kentucky

  Monday afternoon a Mountain Lion was killed in Bourbon County Kentucky by wildlife officers. A women walking her dog on Redmond Road in Bourbon County spotted the animal; it spooked and climbed up a tree. Local animal control authorities were called and the caller was instructed to call Fish and …

Big Bluegrass Bucks

Big Bluegrass Bucks One of my favorite things to do is to search the web for the biggest bucks killed in my home state of Kentucky as well as around the country. I guess it’s kind of like going to the check station after the morning hunt to see what …

Opening Day Kentucky Buck

A friend I recently made at an Outdoor Expo had an opening day to remember, filling his tag just after daylight. Here’s J.B. Coffey’s Opening Day Kentucky Buck story. “After months of plowing, planting, scouting, and checking trail cameras my hard work paid off on opening day of bow season …

No Excuses,Try Archery.

No Excuses Try Archery

  I found this picture online this morning and it inspired me to add a caption “No Excuses Try Archery”. So many times we get caught up in the excuses. “I’m to tired”. “I don’t have time”. “I don’t have the money”. “I’m not good enough”. Just one look at …

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